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Government Model Senior Sec,School 47-D Chandigarh
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Information regarding Aadhar status

Sr. No. Name of  Govt. School Total number of students enrolled In School Out of Total, how many students are having Aadhar ID Out of Total how many students are having EID Out of total how many does not have Aadhar ID/EID
1 GMSSS-47D,CHD 2240 2236 04 NIL

Principal Desk:

“The creative capacity of the brain may for all practical purposes be infinite”


The aim at GMSSS-47 is to let the infinite potential of our students blossom to its fullness- to enable the young minds to a widen their horizons: develop analytical abilities and give expression to their thoughts & ideas. They need to believe in their capabilities have confidence in self, a strong will-power and goal setting competencies. Our earnest endeavour is to inculcate in them an attitude of self-reliance & active participation as opposed to acquiesce of structured knowledge transactions.

The focus has, therefore always been on the all round development of our students through various initiatives, providing them a conducive environment for learning and by exposing them to diverse choices, opportunities & freedom to fight their true bearings........

Passion, purpose & perseverance, transform ordinary individuals & make them perform extra-ordinary deeds in extra ordinary times. They inspire to dream big and beyond, they inspire Kiran Bedi to foresee future solutions in today’s struggle & Anna Hazare to single handed start his campaign against corruption. We need more young men & women who are idealistic, practical, dynamic & willing to lead from front. Who will produce these leaders? Only Good schools which give Quality education can nurture such leaders.

A school is microcosm of the globe. Today, the world has been converted into a rainbow tinted cauldron, where all, languages, customs & educational systems keep on stirring . Educational tools not only stir the pot, they also fuel our dreams, challenge our ambitions, and inspire our horizons. Education is different things, for different people. For the Nightingale, it is striving to sing her best song. For The moon, it does never have to hide its face behind a cloud. For the sun, it is freedom from darkness & revealing in light, strength & energy. The tools of education must be analytical, critical and utilitarian.
Students, it is vital for you to remember that “True talent refuses to remain hidden behind the veil of any obstacles “. Don’t be melon heads, refusing to give up old habits, peeves & passion. Remember individuals are not prisoners of fate, but only of their minds. Be a hero, overpower your rivals, be regally like the sun in its enthusiastic, energetic glorious journey across the heavens.’





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